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Humble Beginnings

A Note from Matt

We grew up in a small town in Florida.  After meeting in preschool, we became friends in middle school and have been inseparable since high school.   While we remained committed to our relationship during college, we pursued different paths.  Devyn studied nursing and I earned a degree in building construction. After finishing college, we got married in 2011.

Over the past few years, we have shared our citrus with friends and neighbors. We consistently received feedback that there wasn't citrus available that tasted as good as ours. Everyone that tasted our oranges began asking us to ship our citrus boxes so they could share the experience of such a tasty treat with others. We developed a plan to harvest, package, and deliver the freshest citrus so that everyone can taste the difference of fruit when it comes directly from our trees to your table. Along with our three wonderful children Maddox, Alden and River we want to thank you for supporting our family and our passion.

Proud member of The Sweet Valley Citrus Region