Cruce Family Farms—Citrus Orchard

Our Difference

Cruce Family Farms is a small citrus grove located in the Sweet Valley Citrus growing region. Our trees are planted in the nutrient dense soils that keep our trees healthy and make our fruit sweet.

At Cruce Family Farms we farm by the tree, not by the acre. Your citrus is still on the tree waiting to be harvested at the at the time your order is placed. We pick, pack, and ship 2-3 days a week during the season and shipments typically take 2-4 days to arrive at your home. Citrus Varieties include Shiranui, Cara Cara, Navel, Satsuma, Tango, Bingo, and more varieties are on the way.


Here's How:

Our Trees

Our trees are planted in the nutrient dense soils that keep our trees healthy and make our fruit sweet

Our Cool Climate & Soil

In the Fall, our cool climate helps sweeten the fruit and enhance the flavor, our dense soils allow us to grow citrus in a more sustainable way by using less fertilizer and water.

Our Same-Day Process

Our fields and packing house are adjacent to one another which gives us the unique ability to pick, pack, and ship on the same day.

"Others say they can do this, but we have yet to find anyone who is actually doing it."

Matt, on their unique same-day process.

We pick, pack, & ship on the same day.

Don’t take our word for it...

Read what our customers have to say:

Sweet, Delicate Flavor

“My wife Jill and I are connoisseurs of citrus juice. Every morning for breakfast, we juice at least five oranges and grapefruit, enjoying the sweet, tangy taste. It’s a luxury. In recent years, as citrus greening decimated Florida groves, it has been harder to find really flavorful oranges. 

Cruce Family Farms' grows big, tender citrus that explodes with a sweet, delicate flavor.

Exceptionally Delicious

"How could any orange prove so exceptionally delicious? My son told me the Shiranui oranges came from Cruce Family Farms, near Madison in northern Florida.

We love them so much, my family has to ration them — eating one exquisite slice at a time."

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